Freedom. Equally. For everyone.

Personal Freedom, Individual Liberty, and Human Rights.

VNR is a community support association for veterans, families, and friends who believe freedom is the birthright of every American. We want to see it returned to the people of this nation.

We are devoted to preserving America’s tradition of personal freedom, individual liberties, and human rights by representing this position on the Constitution before the legislature and administrative agencies.

Natural rights are derived from natural law, are fundamental to the human condition, and are inalienable. Constitutional and civil rights in American law are derived from natural rights. The Declaration of Independence lists life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as natural rights. Property, Trade, and equality under the law are commonly listed also. We support all of the above.

Our liberties must be equally protected not just from government power, but from corporate power, too. Both seek to strip the power of the individual. The smallest minority is a minority of one. Someone has to stick up for the little guy.

America was founded on the principle of freedom. It is our central principle, our guiding light, our prime directive. Nature is not a crime, and no one is free so long as nature is illegal.

#HumanRights are #NaturalRights

#PersonalFreedom and #IndividualLiberty

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