What type of bangs is best fitted for your face shape?

Planning for a change in your hairstyle that brings out your unique charm with cuteness, then bangs are a perfect choice. Long or short, your hair might be bangs that suit them all, but you must know to choose the right bangs for your face shape as not all faces are the one. While wanting to change the hairstyle you desire, you must consider suggestions and advice from professionals to identify what suits you better than anybody.

Every hair type and face shape plays a main role when choosing a hairstyle, especially when it involves bangs. As it’s a drastic change from the regular look you had before, and it will be better to know the details before starting to work with hair.

face shape

Bangs and face shape:

Your hair might straight or curly hair, but when it comes to bangs, it should emphasize your beauty and face shape. Understanding the suitable types of bangs for your face shape could be a better decision than worrying later about making a mistake. First, you must understand your face shape from round, heart, square, long, or oval shape.

Round face:

When your face is round in shape, then choppy bangs that quite distance from the eyebrow level are compatible. This could create an illusion of cutting the roundness in face angular bangs are a better choice as well.

Heart shape:

Side bangs are the best choice of bangs to flatter your face shape as this way you can emphasize the beauty features as it flows diagonally to cheekbones.

Square shape:

Long bangs with medium length hair make your face add a cute charm moreover make it tapered from the centre like a feather cut.

Oval face:

Fascinated to try any bangs, people with an oval face can experiment with versatile ones as all bangs suit them.


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