DIY recipe for making natural lipstick at home

Moving towards natural sources and products when it comes to beauty care has been increased a lot lately. Especially people these days often their own DIY beauty products at home naturally, which is good for your skin health. For example, lipstick has a prominent role in daily makeup that no one misses it even in a hurried moment. How about learning to make homemade lipstick so that along with your beauty, you can care for the softness of your lips. Not many ingredients are needed to start the procedure; learn and try it good luck.


The number of ingredients to be used is quite a lot, but they are worth the worth the effort your add-in. As the recipe cooked should be long-lasting, smooth, and glossy, you must solely add all the ingredients.

  • toxic free lipstickLiquid colorant
  • Shea butter
  • Castor oil
  • Candelila wax
  • Carnauba wax
  • Rice barn wax
  • Camellia seed oil

Take a teaspoon of all ingredients except for Shea butter which has to be taken three teaspoons. As there are different DIY recipes for lipstick, in this way, you can even replace liquid colorant with other options for color variance.


You can have red Australian clay for natural red, or for more pink shaded hues, you can add fully natural beetroot powder. Adding cocoa powder could bring brown shade to the lip color with your favorite chocolate flavor. To make it simple, try on natural food colors or a pinch of turmeric powder to the mix.

DIY lipstick

Cook well:

Now it’s time to make natural toxic free lipstick from your hands; now, except for the color, add all the ingredients and heat them for five minutes, and mix them well. Now transfer the liquid to the mold, seal them and freeze for half-hour your lipstick is ready. You can add few drops of your essential oil for more flavor.

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