Cocoa Butter for your hair: What are the benefits?

Natural care on your hair and skin has been promoted a lot lately, and people are into DIY ways about it too. The role of natural ingredients and their essence in beauty care products and cosmetics increased that at least your cupboard will have cocoa butter in it. Cocoa butter has been trusted a lot to promote better condition to skin and hair, and they are the best solutions for frizz control.

Many people during these lockdown times started to use cocoa butter for healthy hair as they had lots of me time to care for them. All know that cocoa butter can protect hair from external pushes and strengthens them from the roots. There are many ways to use them like conditioner, hair mask, and even beautify them through your cosmetics.


Frizzy hair that stands like cotton candy could damage your hair strands a lot; bouncy volume hair is different from frizzy hair. Using a bit of cocoa butter regularly on your hair, you can reduce the frizz and make them smooth but not lose volume. Rub a small amount of cocoa butter on your palms and smoothly rub them on your hair regularly.


One of the best beneficial ways to use cocoa butter for hair is to go for a deep conditioner on your hair. Then, once or twice a week, based on the condition of your hair, you can mix them with coconut oil or essential oil like a hair pack to the roots. This could help moisturize and nourish your hair from the roots to the ends.

coconut oil

Massage time:

A hot oil massage to promote hair stimulation is known as a warm cocoa butter massage. Dip your hands or fingertips in the heated cocoa butter and massage only the roots of your scalp gently. This will help to strengthen the roots of your hairdo; this procedure at least once a week as the new hair will be silkier smooth.

Glossy hair:

Going for brunettes or new hair color, then how about making yourself more glossy and beautiful. As the use of raw cocoa butter in hair regimen can be fully beneficial, using them as coloring agent can help your hair be free of chemicals. A small amount of cocoa powder with cocoa butter smoothly rubbed on hair can make you like a stylist made one. If you wish, you can use natural food colors or henna with cocoa butter to have a bright look.

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