Make your own DIY eyelash growth serum

Eyes are the key point on the liveliness of our looks; whatever the face shape or the makeup you add in a beautiful eye can change everything. The way your eyelashes are curled and the stroke of your eyeliner all make your whole appearance take different turns. This making semi-makeup for fake lashes has increased as long lashes are important for eyes to bolder and better. Then to spend money on fake lashes, why not spend some time on lash serum for thicker eyelashes which will naturally emphasize your looks. As though it will not be done in minutes like makeup once made, they’ll last forever even after years.

Get DIY:

lash serumThe DIY recipes for beauty care products have increased significantly in the past few years as everyone is willing for better skin condition than looks. In the facial features, the lashes are the second most emphasized ones after lips, so they need special care as well. Though it takes time if you can have your own lashes grow out thick and longer than a fake one, why not give it a try.

As for the recipe of essential oil DIY eyelash growth serum, it is a simple procedure, and you’ll notice the difference in results within 2 to 3 weeks. This natural serum should be used daily, and this way, you can avoid the trouble of fake lashes.

Recipe time:

Castor oil, lavender oil, and cedar-wood oil are the three ingredients you need for the simple, isn’t it? Now the one easy step take a container and fill three fourth of the container with castor oil. Then add ten drops of cedar-wood oil and ten drops of lavender oil and mix them well together. For a container, you could use an empty mascara bottle so it could be easy for you to apply them daily.

thicker eyelashes

The usage:

Once you are done with the essential oil eyelash growth serum recipe, apply it daily on your lashes with the mascara wand. Some of them rub the serum on the lashes by fingers gently but using a wand would help them get in shape and have a more curvy look. This might sound simple, but everybody knows how these essential oils stimulate hair growth, and castor oil is best for it. This way, you can have your permanent curvy, long and thick lashes that could last for your life without making any makeup to it.

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