How to increase the length of your hair Naturally?

There isn’t a single girl who hasn’t dreamed of a hair-like Rapunzel since their childhood. Who wouldn’t love a hair that goes down past their hips like a black waterfall flowing? But these days, that is not an easy task to handle hair their shoulder-length because of the change in lifestyle and lack of hair care. There are natural ways to increase the length of hair that everyone could easily follow and can maintain their hair well.

getting longer hair fastOil massages:

This idea might be a quite old school, but everyone knows this idea works better than any therapy. When you ask tips for getting longer hair fast from someone, oil massage will be the first one they talk about. Warming the oil before the massage will be progressing as it can penetrate through the root canals do their job.

Stimulate blood circulation:

The lack of blood circulation is also one reason to reduce hair growth, so try to massage your hair at least twice a day. Even if you are not applying oil or a hair pack, run your hands through the hair day and night like a massage. This way, you can relax the muscles and stimulate blood circulation.


Of course, the main one, if you are looking for tips to increase the length of your hair more than what effort you put from outside the intake, is important. Eggs, seafood, nuts, meat, likewise the intake of healthy food style will be the main source to strengthen the hair follicles and instigate growth.

Physical exercise:

This could be surprising for many, but sure it works as when you work out, you stimulate blood circulation all over the body. On the other hand, the sweat in the hair and head will push out the toxic and dust in your hair. Moreover, if your body is fit and healthy, your hair will be healthy too.

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