Why you need to avoid silicon added cosmetics for your skin?

Awareness about the cosmetics and beauty products people use have been increased these days, unlike old times where people just believed in ads. The urge to be chemical-free and take a step towards nature is the major reason that people are avoiding chemicals. Among these new ideas, the big deal these days is to use silicone-free cosmetics products as they create huge impacts on later period. Importantly they were considered good before but not now same as paraben, and sulphate which is toxic for your health.

Reasons to avoid silicon:

Initially, there could be chances that your skin looks healthy and shining when you use silicon added cosmetics, but they don’t promote healthy skin and longer results.


The illusion:

Many research state silicons are better companions in the medicinal world to heal wounds but not a skin condition. They cover the surface of your skin, protecting the moisture of your face and maintain them. But the problem is they are not a remedy as once washed off, everything is gone there is no use in using them.


The texture of silicon is very hard and gets stuck in the skin pores, making it hard to get rid of your skin. As they stay longer, they create more damage to the skin, as this is why you use silicone-free cosmetics products on your skin that are natural. To cleanse them thoroughly, we have to be forcible on skin that could damage the skin condition and create breakage.

Product avoided:

When you use silicon-based serum or toner for skin, they become the base layer before applying any product on the skin. As they create a waxy layer around the skin like a wall, there will be no room for other skin products to penetrate deep through the skin. This could be a problem as dirt inside the pores could not be flushed out.

Not for regular:

If you use a beauty product regularly, you expect them to give better results, at least at a slow pace. But this could not be possible when using silicon products as when used, they lock the outer layer of skin from external exposure.

From knowing the above facts, everyone wishes to have silicone-free skincare so that you can relish the beauty that is tied inside. If there are any wounds or burns, you don’t have to worry about using silicon products to heal you better.

We deeply believe Veterans for Natural Rights has the opportunity to create a place of unity, empowering people to be kind to themselves and others, and to be “authentically themselves”

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