How to find the right tone of concealer for you?

Makeup though it is a procedure that beautifies you and keeps all your beauty complexions away. One cannot deny that it is a difficult procedure not only in time and effort to do the makeup but also to choose the products for you. Concealers which are the base of makeup, have a variety of shades that it is hard to choose the right shade of concealer among the ocean of colors. They are the ones that cover up your dark circles, wrinkles, blemish and make you glow up glossy.

But it’s not easy to choose the right tone, and many make mistakes choosing the wrong tone of concealer which does not match them. Many experts use small tricks to match up to their work with any shade to give different effects on looks.

right shade of concealer

Connection of concealer and foundation:

It would be best if you narrowed it down to your concealer shade by matching it with the tone of your makeup foundation. You can have options to find matching concealer shade for your skin tone with the foundation of the same brand, which could easily. First, you must use foundation on your face and then cover up the dark circles and blemishes with concealer.


Never forget to check the shade of concealer on the natural light as from the bright lighting of the stores, they would be oddly different invisibility. This could be helpful to find a concealer shade that perfectly suits you.

The lighter; the darker:

Experts have a tip to have one or two tones of darker and lighter concealer in cosmetics. As the normal concealer hides the skin problems, the lighter tone could be perfect for the under eye and a darker tone mostly for your covered parts. Normally, our shade often changes due to climate and other exposure; they are better companions in those times.

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