The meaning and connection between symbols on the beauty products

Beauty has become a part of our lifestyle as the way we present ourselves is important in society. Cosmetics, beauty products, haircare, skincare routine products, and many companies are competing over this race. We buy them to maintain our skin but do you know about symbols on beauty products meaning the answer will be a big no. Most of them don’t even consider looking at the label and try to understand what the words or symbols mean. But it will be better to know it show you can use them wisely without worries.


If you want to know how many days you can use the product, then check the period after opening in the short PAO symbol on the product label. The symbol with the container with open lid syndicates with the number of months meaning from the day of opening as 6, 12, or 36 m it could be.


Quite similar to the PAO, the BBE means the best before the end of or the product’s expiry date. As if both symbols on cosmetic labels, it means that from the date manufactured how long the product is best to use with the date. As you have that, the BBE of a product maybe two or even three years, but the PAO might be only 12 months.

cosmetic labels


The arrows running in a circular motion are a common symbol for us to see in a product, and most of them notice. This is because it means that it could be recycled either the package or the product’s container.

The glass:

Many don’t notice what these symbols on makeup labels mean, which are mostly seen in serum and perfume containers. The symbol means the product has to be maintained like glass when disposed of in bins and can be reused for your DIY purpose.

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