The difference between tinted moisturizer and Foundation

Getting your makeup done on a daily routine for a regular look is always done by themselves. People don’t need stylists and makeup artists for their natural makeup look, but if you are a beginner, then there are few troubles you might face. First, you must be able to see the difference between foundation and tinted moisturizer as even many pros make a mistake in the way they utilize them. These days, many prefer a real natural look or a makeup look that gives a no-makeup look that shoves shiny clear skin.


No one, even the people who don’t use makeup, is also aware that the Foundation is the base for the makeup, which way their names come off. On a bare face, they are the start to anybody’s makeup as they hold up the whole look for a day. As Foundation has many textured forms such as powders, cream, liquid, and with few more options, they can be changed to preferable textures. They give full coverage to the skin, unlike tinted moisturizers, and gives a clean look to your face.

If you are confused to choose between Foundation and tinted moisturizer, know that foundations are not heavy; they cover and hide dark circles, blemishes, and other skin damages.

natural makeup look

There are versatile options in Foundation based on the look you desire, matte or dewy it might be you need some understanding of what suits your skin type.

Tinted moisturizer:

As of their name, tinted moisturizers are lotions to hydrate and add a tone to your skin naturally to evenize look and by nourishing them. As they come out as lotion, they don’t need more effort to blend with the skin; they are the best companions on your summer look. They are known to give a dewy natural finish on the look, so when planning of switching from Foundation to tinted moisturizer, a summer or a bright occasion like a party or photo-shoot could be a better choice.

tinted moisturizer

As they blend in evenly but never hide all your redness and dark spots on the skin, consider it for light coverage.

Unlike Foundation that needs a brush or sponge to apply, you can use your fingers to apply them like a normal lotion moisturizer. But if you wish to work with tools, that is also reliable as well.

Though they are semi-coverage, they are better companions for dry skin as they give hydration and nourishment to your skin.

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