Terrorism will never destroy America. There’s not a terrorist attack that can ever destroy the nation. Not possible. Anyone who claims otherwise is dreaming. Terrorism is not an existential threat, a threat to our existence. It cannot threaten our national security in that sense, but it is a danger to our citizens and our country for other reasons.
We are terrified of it, hence the name. The terrorists’ goal is to create fear. It’s worked so incredibly well because it is a threat to the safety of our people, and they do have so very much fear. That fear will make them believe that our government should spare no effort or means no matter how costly, or even reprehensible, to stamp it out. When the people’s bodily safety is threatened, they will believe the threat is not just to them, but to the existence of the nation.
Terrorism has worked so well that we will spend not billions, but trillions, to fight it. The terrorists will inevitably win if we allow this vicious cycle to go on. We are eating ourselves alive to fight this menace, the fear is gnawing away at our bones, we are wasting away to it. Are we to live the rest of our lives always in constant fear?
I’ve come home now, this is MY home. It’s time to live a life FREE of fear.
Living in fear isn’t any way to live. Ask anyone who has done it for any length of time. If you stay afraid, it’ll kill you faster than what you’re afraid of, I guarantee it. Fear is only adaptive as long as it is necessary. Our nation’s security can only truly be threatened by ourselves right now. Our own people and our own government, clamoring for more security and less freedom. The terrorists’ victory is in the spread of their ideology, and the fear of it. Fear and freedom are incompatible. We are meant to be a free society, and freedom is anathema to a philosophy of violence and fear. For theirs to spread they must first prepare the way by destroying our freedoms.
We are at home. There are people who hate us, yes. Terrorism has always existed, and there’s not going to ever be one big decisive American action that will defeat it, once and for all. Direct action can only buy you time, it will never solve the root problem of terrorism. Vigilance is necessary, though, now that the sleeping giant has been awakened. There will never be a time again in the future where we are so naive as we once were.
Protecting America, however, is different than destroying our enemies. This is not an issue you can kill your way out of. It’s a mistake to believe that. We can live in a world where we try to be the toughest and meanest, the most bloody and violent, but it isn’t going to be the type of world we would want for our children, and for their children’s children either. We’ve gotta carve out a safe space for ourselves and our children and LIVE. Without fear.
If we do not watch what we’re about, we’re going to get into a cycle where we just  kill people forever, and we never stop. That’s no way to live either.

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