Why you need to avoid silicon added cosmetics for your skin?

Awareness about the cosmetics and beauty products people use have been increased these days, unlike old times where people just believed in ads. The urge to be chemical-free and take a step towards nature is the major reason that people are avoiding chemicals. Among these new ideas, the big deal these days is to use silicone-free…

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The difference between tinted moisturizer and Foundation

Getting your makeup done on a daily routine for a regular look is always done by themselves. People don’t need stylists and makeup artists for their natural makeup look, but if you are a beginner, then there are few troubles you might face. First, you must be able to see the difference between foundation and tinted…

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How to find the right tone of concealer for you?

Makeup though it is a procedure that beautifies you and keeps all your beauty complexions away. One cannot deny that it is a difficult procedure not only in time and effort to do the makeup but also to choose the products for you. Concealers which are the base of makeup, have a variety of shades…

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We deeply believe Veterans for Natural Rights has the opportunity to create a place of unity, empowering people to be kind to themselves and others, and to be “authentically themselves”

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