Acrylic nails: How to care for them better?

Long nails that are beautifully polished and covered with wonderful designs could be breathtaking for those who see them. Not all of us have those long nails, so many move to acrylic nails to fulfil their love for long shiny nails. Though the procedure of manicure is done in one go to maintain them takes lots of effort for us to begin with. If you are looking for tips for taking care of acrylic nails, you are at the right place. Don’t worry, thinking the procedures could be intrigued they are simple than the manicure.

Nail care:

Though the acrylic nails are the fake ones fixed to the real nails, they are really helpful in locking the effects of manicure for weeks. However, you need to know about the tips for caring for acrylic nails to don’t let them get damaged. Not much effort is required, yet they are fake ones damage to them could affect your original nails. As gentle is important, never pressure them like opening containers and cans or scrape something with them.


Better never touch something heavy with your nails if you don’t want to feel the pain of losing the nails. While working too, don’t put pressure on the nails like while tying or pressing any buttons such as in printers or flush.


When you have hard works like scrubbing or washing that has chances for peeling the nails, wear gloves while doing the job. As frequent contact with water could loosen the grip of nails that are attached to your real ones.

Nurture them:

Beyond the care, there is nourishment that is important for nails and cuticles so that your real nails are taken care of. Vitamin E oil is best known for promoting nail nurture. Having vitamin E oil or cuticle cream with vitamin oil on your nails and fingertips could be helpful. But never apply them between the acrylic and natural nails; the fixation might wear off.

Right nails:

If you are new to acrylic nails, then gets tips from experienced ones to maintain acrylic nails at home, as pro advice is always necessary. Importantly choose the right nails, size and shape that suits your hands as; if you are new to fake nails, start with smaller ones. Don’t take yourself for a nail tech and choose something randomly; ask the professional to suggest one that suits you.

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