“Freedom, equally, for everyone.”

Veterans for Natural Rights builds communities where veterans can heal, find their voice, and change the world. We are a social welfare and political action organization with deep roots in the veteran population, specializing in helping those with war trauma regain their lives, their purpose, and their sense of community.

About us

Matthew Kahl
Founder & Executive Director




Freedom. Equally. For everyone. Personal Freedom, Individual Liberty, and Human Rights. VNR is a community support association for veterans, families, and friends who believe freedom is the birthright of every American. We want to see it returned to the people of this nation. We are devoted to preserving America’s tradition of personal freedom, individual liberties, …

America Needs Access

ALL AMERICANS who need cannabis should have access to it, NOT JUST VETERANS. While 22+ a day die from suicide in the veteran population, over 121 commit suicide every day in the civilian population. As veterans, we know we are the public face of PTSD, but we are fighting for ALL Americans’ access to this …


Sometimes when you feel like dying, you still put on the face and pretend everything is fine. You hate the world, and hate yourself for hating the world. The whole process of medical intervention and self-medication is done to eliminate the horrible thoughts within. It doesn’t work, though. The only thing I have found reliably …